11 of Life’s Most Important Lessons:

11 of Life’s Most Important Lessons:

1. If you can “accept finite disappointment and maintain infinite hope” (Martin Luther King Jr.), you will be able to accomplish just about anything you want.

2. “The more you give, the more you receive”. We’ve all heard this one before when it comes to being generous with money, but this lesson applies to way more than charitable giving.  You literally get back everything you put out there.  If you want more of anything in your life, then be aware of what you are personally putting out there — kindness, generosity, love, anger, frustration, money, etc.  It all comes right back to you.

3. Realize that life always puts in front of you exactly what you need at that precise moment in time. Use whatever comes your way and learn from it. “Whether it is good or bad or tastes sweet or sour, life gives you exactly what you need. ” Aisha Taylor

4. Love not only makes the world turn, it also makes the ride worthwhile. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way to show love to anyone and everyone that comes into your life.

5. It doesn’t take much to make the day better, but it does take intent. Even if there are challenges, obstacles and other craziness going on in our life, we always get to choose how we are going to tackle the day and the type of energy that runs through our system. “About 90% of the things in our life are right. Make sure you don’t overlook the 90% that is right because you are focusing on the 10% that isn’t.”   Dale Carnegie

6. We should always believe something wonderful is coming our way. Truly being happy and fulfilled, accomplishing your goals and watching your dreams become a reality — that is what is promised to you and is the way your life will unfold. But, you’ve got to do your part. You’ve got to believe it and go for it.

7. If you struggle with a situation, but never learn the underlying lesson, it will come back to you again and again until you learn it … even though it may come in a different size box with a different color ribbon.

8. “The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to move on is the happiest.” Unknown

9. “You can’t control the waves, but you can learn to surf”-John Kabat Zinn Challenges are going to come — but we’re not supposed to get sucked in. We shouldn’t let them be too “heavy” and weigh us down because we have been given the amazing ability to surf. We just have to choose to do it.

10. Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go — so better things can come your way.

11. Silence really is golden. Make sure you are enjoying as much of it as possible.

Live Today Better than Yesterday


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