Time Management In Graduate Students – It’s Anything But Easy

Pio Romano IV

Graduation Day

The general complaint from graduate students is that they have very less time for a lot of work. The excitement is always there when you enter a grad school. But when things get to start going, you will realize that time management is so necessary to survive. The trick of the trade lies in how well you manage it and use the ever ticking time. Coping up with lectures, assignments and friends are never going to be easy. How well are you going to do it?

To not feel exhausted and hectic about all these, you need to possess some good time management skills. Being in a grad school, it should be your top priority. Keep a planner and strike of things as and when you do them. Time is precious and gold. You are certain to have a lovely time at school if you knew how to manage time. Remember that when you lose time, you never get it back. Make the most out of time.

Time management will contribute in big way to your success in a grad school. The skills you exhibit to manage time efficiently will see you go places and gain the advantage over others. Time management is not about speeding up or slowing down time. It involves planning and focusing on what you are doing.

You need to keep you managing skills intact in order to be well organized. Things go haywire if you are not organized. So being organized has to be your first step in time management. Putting things in order is going to help you big time as it saves a lot of time. You also become more productive and the focus is clearer. Hence, these skills are mighty useful and will decide how successful you could be at a grad school.

For graduate students, here are a few tips to manage time:

1. A school planner or a calendar will be very useful. Place your tasks in order and have the to-do list sorted out. Whether it is a long term or a short term plan, use these planners to good effect. Place them somewhere visible to the eye. It could be your bag or on the wall. In a graduate school, you might have to plan out even for longer terms than usual. It is sure that you are going to stay there for a while so it is better of if you plan it out.

2. Take ample time while you plan out your activities and tasks. Never hurry your decision and end up faltering on it. Make it a point to see your calendar or your planner so that you are always in touch with it.

3. Branch out all your tasks in the planner. It is simpler this way as it is less complicated to decipher. Hence, you can accomplish them easier.

4. Have deadlines for the goals you set out for. If you have been realistic in your planning, you will not have a problem achieving them on time. Strike out tasks you complete as and then.

5. Prioritize your work nicely. Have a total picture in mind and set out for work. Assign the most important things to do first up. Classify the assignments you have as easy and tough and work on them accordingly.

6. Keep time flexible. Any alterations you do should not affect your other work.

7. Identify when you concentrate the most. If it’s going to be in the morning, then you should plan out in such a way that you do things which are important in the morning. This way, you will do your work more efficiently.

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